The Grey lab studies the role of protein homeostasis – so called “proteostasis – in healthy and malignant stem cells of the blood (haematopoeitic) system, with a particular focus on acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), a disease with very poor prognosis (Grey et al. 2020 & 2022).

This PhD studentship is aimed at understanding the fundamental biology of healthy and cancer stem cells in the blood system. Using a mixture of novel inducible mouse models, state-of-the-art culture systems and primary patient tissue, the student will study how the proteome of healthy and malignant cells of the haematopoietic system differ, and what therapeutic vulnerabilities exist. The student will be trained in a variety of haematology research techniques including; flow cytometry, small animal experimentation, stem cell growth and differentiation and stem cell niche engineering. This will be complimented by world-class proteomics facilities and high-throughput single cell analyses to develop a multifaceted project focussed on some of the most difficult questions that need addressing in AML.