In this project, new ways to grow umbilical cord blood derived stem cells for bone marrow transplantation and regenerative medicine will be developed. The group has recently demonstrated multiple new therapeutic targets on haematopoietic (blood) stem cells (HSCs), which can have major impacts on the regenerative potential of these cells. Dr. Grey has demonstrated the efficacy of targeting the receptor tyrosine kinase, RET, to improve human HSC outgrowth and Prof. Hitchcock has developed new modified cytokines to tailor thrombopoietin signalling in HSCs. Together, with iCASE partner (Plasticell Ltd), clinical collaborators (Anthony Nolan) and The Francis Crick Institute (London), this PhD studentship will develop the most effective combination of treatments to improve HSC outgrowth, transplantation and unpick the molecular signalling pathways underlying these phenotypes.