We are seeking an enthusiastic and ambitious postdoctoral fellow to join the Tissue Regeneration and Clonal Evolution (TRCE) laboratory. We are a new multi-disciplinary research group with a mission to understand the factors underlying an organ’s regenerative capacity in order to design novel therapeutics to augment biological function.

We use the liver as a model organ since it has extraordinary regenerative abilities. We have identified several interesting genes in metabolic pathways which we hypothesise are important in allowing liver cells, called hepatocytes, to survive better in pathological conditions (Ng. et al, Nature, 2021). We aim to elucidate the functional consequences of mutations in these genes and unravel how these molecular perturbations influence hepatocyte clonal biology and the mechanisms of tissue regeneration. We model these recurrent human somatic driver mutations using patient derived induced pluripotent stem cells (Rouhani et al. Nature Genetics, 2022), organoids, bioengineered tissues and computational models. We are collaboratively developing and applying new technologies in single molecule spatial genomics and multiplexed in vivo gene editing. Our long-term vision is to be able to apply our findings to stimulate regeneration in other non-proliferative tissues, understand the process of organ ageing and to elucidate the molecular steps to cancer.