Our CRUK/Barts Charity funded team (https://www.bartscancer.london/staff/dr-paolo-gallipoli/) uses a multidisciplinary approach and complementary models to study how rewired metabolism contributes to leukaemic transformation and AML cells ability to withstand therapeutic pressure with the aim to identify novel therapeutic targets in AML (Woodley et al., BioRxiv, 2022, Dembitz et al., Blood, 2022&Gallipoli et al., Blood, 2018). The candidate will gain experience in characterisation of leukaemia models in vitro and in vivo, metabolic profiling and big-omics data analysis. Active research themes in the lab are studying the role of mannose and fatty acid metabolism in AML, the metabolic interplay between AML and microenvironment and the role of dietary intervention to enhance metabolic inhibitors efficacy. We enjoy close links with Barts Hospital and have a strong translational focus with excellent prospects for developing new therapies and making a significant contribution to our field. The candidate will enjoy a vibrant multidisciplinary environment at BCI, take advantage of our ongoing collaborations with the partner institutions within the CRUK City of London (Crick, Kings and UCL) and be provided with significant opportunities for excellent career development.