We are looking for a Research Assistant with a background in cell/tissue culture and subsequent characterisation, to support our efforts in the generation of a variety of cell types from pluripotent stem cells. We are interested to hear from all applicants who have a human cell culture background, and we would be particularly interested to speak with those who have experience in culturing human pluripotent stem cells (either Embryonic or Induced Pluripotent). 

As a Research Assistant in Cell Type Development, you will work collaboratively between various Cell Type Development projects to perform and evaluate cell type specific experiments for new cell types either for commercialisation or clinical translation. This work will be performed under the management of a Team Lead within Cell Type Development who is overseeing the respective projects. This dynamic role will involve both tissue culture (hiPSC and cellular derivatives) and cellular phenotyping work, in collaboration with the Cellular Phenotyping platform. Specifically, you will contribute towards the development of protocols and subsequent SOPs for cell reprogramming, phenotyping, and characterisation as pertains to the team and the company’s current objectives.