We are looking to appoint an outstanding postdoc to study the impact of aneuploidy on early human development using human stem cell-based models. This position is available in the laboratory of Professor Ivana Barbaric at the University of Sheffield and it is funded by the Medical Research Council.

Our group has been studying the causes of aneuploidy in human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) and the implications of recurrent aneuploidies for applications of hPSCs in regenerative medicine. In the advertised project, we will utilise our well-curated aneuploid hPSC lines and combine them with hPSC-based embryo models to determine the impact of aneuploidy on cell survival, differentiation and patterning during early development and identify pathways dysregulated by aneuploidy. We expect that these results will provide mechanistic insights into effects of aneuploidy on human embryo development and provide future strategies for minimising the impact of aneuploidy on embryogenesis.