Cell heterogeneity is a fundamental and intrinsic characteristic of stem cell populations, but these differences are masked in “bulk” omic analysis. Single-cell technologies serve as powerful tools to dissect cellular heterogeneity and to identify distinct phenotypes in a stem cell population. In recent years, there have been great advances in single-cell genome, epigenome, and transcriptome sequencing technologies. The application of these methods to analyse stem cell populations has led to exciting new findings in the stem cell field. 

This workshop organised by The London Stem Cell Network and its sponsors SwiftAnalytical and Nanocellect will bring together leading UK researchers showing the recent progress as well as future perspectives in the methodologies and applications of single-cell omic sequencing technologies applied to stem cell biology. By attending this workshop you will have the opportunity to engage with speakers and sponsors during a roundtable discussion, and over tea, coffee, pastries and at the drinks reception.

Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College Road, London SW7 2AZ (Lecture Theatre G34)


Opening Remarks


Title TBC

  • Dr. Inês Sequeira, Group Leader, Queen Mary University of London

Title TBC

  • Dr Juanma Vaquerizas, Imperial College London | MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences

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  • SwiftAnalytical | Nanocellect,

Coffee Break & Networking


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  • Dr Omer Bayraktar, Cambridge University | Wellcome Sanger Institute

Title TBC

  • Dr Myriam Haltalli, Cambridge University | Wellcome-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

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  • Roberta Ragazzini, Postdoctoral researcher, epithelial stem cells biology and regenerative medicine, `Francis Crick Institute

Roundtable Discussion


Closing Remarks


Drinks & Networking